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3 Year Old


Days of the Week:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Start and End Times:

Morning – 9:30 a.m. to noon

Afternoon – 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Age:  3 years old by September 1

Student/Teacher Ratio:  9 to 1

Teacher:  Miss Ashley

Assistant Teacher:  Mrs. Sike


Our Motto:  “Let’s discover more about ourselves, what we can do, and the world around us!”


Active play and learning are the focus of this program.


Class Goals:

In the 3-year-old class, we use a process of learning and discovery that actively encourages creativity, individual growth and maturity.  This is accomplished through art, music, stories, seasonal projects as well as field trips and special guests who visit our school throughout the year.


We reinforce the importance of physical exercise and sound nutrition through our daily exercise.  We have a wonderful space adjacent to the classroom which we use daily for physical exercise and thematic movement.


We encourage curiosity, observation and understanding of the “world around us” through periodic outdoor exploration of nature (weather permitting), particularly as the seasons’ transition.  Nature walks are an important part of our learning experience.  In the spring, we visit Latodami Nature Center for trail walk and Reilly’s Farm for the strawberry festival.


Parents can witness the confidence that their children are developing through the musical performances that the children give to their parents.


Typical Day:

The day begins with a free play period in which students move freely from play area to area.  The children are then gathered as a class for activities such as music, reading, or physical exercise. The children then enjoy a snack consisting of a nutritious treat and drink.


Throughout the year, the children enjoy special events such as bear day, dinosaur day, beach day, visits from community helpers, and family field trips.  Of our visits from community members–the fireman is one of the more popular!  The class also takes 4 field trips throughout the year.  They are very hands on and family oriented, so we encourage the whole family to attend.  At the end of the year, children leave our class ready for the more “academic” environment of the Pre-Kindergarten class.